Navicelli Green Theatre, a success produced by elledibook Publishing House

A new cultural site at a stone’s throw from the city centre: artistic direction by Lucia De Benedittis and Renato Raimo

Pisa, September 2020. Pisa Navicelli are transformed to give life to the Green Theatre, a new socio-cultural entertainment format produced by elledibook Publishing House, under Lucia De Benedittis and Renato Raimo’s artistic direction. An initiative aimed at creating a significant cultural site within a historical context that can be properly valued in this way, also thanks to the precious collaboration from many institutions, such as the Municipality, Confcommercio and the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa.

The basic idea is to develop seasonal events, inserting them into the schedule of cultural entertainment opportunities offered during the summer in a truly unique location.

“The Green Theatre philosophy” Lucia De Benedittis and Renato Raimo say ” is clear. We want to bring art, culture, entertainment to non-stereotyped areas and places, among people, in villas, in mansions and other sort of buildings, in gardens. Imagining that we are able to propose shows on the water is something that makes our heart beat faster. In this way, ” they conclude ” we can really go back to enhance an area destined to become the new centre of Pisa social and cultural life”. 

Municipality of Pisa Deputy Mayor, Raffaella Bonsangue, welcomes the initiative: “An idea – she says – that can be implemented thanks to De Benedittis and Raimo’s artistic direction and to the commitment of the engineer Salvatore Pisano, who fully agrees with this administration about the project cultural value . We want to requalify important city areas, reinterpreting their vocation for the benefit of the community”. 

“Event zero”, will be the performance Undressed in Time, an original, theatrical-musical show by Renato Raimo with the participation of the pianist Isabella Turso. Staged both in Italy and abroad – sponsored by Mibact in 2018 – the play questions how the way of saying “I love you” has changed from the time of Mozart to Whatsapp.

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