“Bimbi Ganzi”, a necklace for those who believe in the dreams of the little ones

The stories of “Bimbi Ganzi” are based on the memories that the characters have of their own childhood and early adolescence, and highlight the experiences that generated in each of them the passion for what would be their profession in the years to come.

In “And I’ll Be a Dancer” Daniela Maccari talks about her great love for the dance, born inside her after having watched, when still a child; the ballet “Giselle” performed at the Verona Arena. This
passion, together with constant commitment and strict discipline, will characterize her successful career as a ballet dancer.

In “I’ll Become a Scientist” Maria Chiara Carrozza shows us a portrait of herself as a lively young girl full of interests. Recalling her childhood she talks in particular about an episode occurred on a summer day at the seaside: the meeting on the beach with a child without a hand. This fact and the deep impression derived from it will lead the protagonist to explore the world of science over the years, in order to put scientific breakthroughs at people service.

In “I’ll Be a Director” Paolo Benvenuti gives us a lively picture of his childhood years when he was engaged in “street battles” with his neighborhood little friends. But Paolo was also an attentive listener
of the stories that the adults told one another on warm summer evenings, sitting in a circle in the street lighted by a lamppost. These vivid and realistic narratives will generate in him the passion
for telling stories through the cinema, and will lead him to become a director, also thanks to the acquaintance with the Taviani brothers,
his father’s friends.


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