“I have chosen to celebrate  my company Pisan origin with a series of books for school-age children set in the city of the Leaning Tower and having as protagonists famous Pisa citizens.  The common thread of this  ambitious editorial project is an original journey among the professions to guide the imagination of young readers towards what could become their personal future job. The text is printed in a typeface that  takes into account any  dyslexia problems  and is supported  by large illustrations, some of which   made by the students of the Russoli Art School in Pisa.  The environmental setting of all the stories  consists in the alleys, squares, historic buildings of the city of Pisa. “

Lucia De Benedittis

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“La Nazione” and ” Il Tirreno “offer an anticipation of what will be broadcast on Monday 22 July at 9pm on 50Channel


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