The idea of opening a publishing house starts from a passion that has its roots in the past.


"Our project more ambitious is always the next"


Elledibook was born in 2013, but has its roots in my childhood memories. Within the walls of my home I breathed as a child the unmistakable smell of printed pages. I’ve grown up in the publishing world and then, when an adult, I’ve embraced the family tradition.

Fil rouge of elledibook publications is the great care: I continuously research the quality of the product to satisfy even the most critical eye. And do you know who the most demanding customers are? Children, to whom I pay special attention.

Original achievements as for travelling, autobiographies, works of fiction, illustrated stories for children: the editorial proposal of elledibook is wide, but never casual. This is why, despite being a young reality, it has already won the trust of important partners.

L. De Benedittis