Services for the companies

Since some years, in addition to its core business (publishing for children), elledibook has expanded its offer with a series of services for companies. elledibook has included lines of editorial products (gadgets, business cards, letterheads, notepads) of gadgets (pens, pencils, calendars, shopping bags, laynards, badge holders, umbrellas) and clothing (work shirts, overalls, polo shirt, shirt, ties), to meet partners’ promotional needs.



elledibook proposes itself for supply (for printing on pre-production project), for design and restyling or for the design of new products.



Our offer to companies provides support for the implementation of marketing plans aimed at achieving pre-established targets. Through customized strategies, elledibook aims at increasing brand awareness and partner sales. All this through the definition of current performance indicators, market analysis (global and accessible) and competitors (differentiation and positioning), the assessment of the company’s strengths and weaknesses and the analysis of the gap between the initial target and the result achieved.



elledibook offers companies to work in partnership mode, with a win-to-win approach: the customer provides their cost targets in full transparency, while elledibook is committed to providing a product with a technical-quality standard not inferior to its competitors (or the best offers received from customers), but at a very reasonable cost. This business model has allowed to link the elledibook brand to some important companies in the most disparate sectors (chemical, pharmaceutical, clinics, engineering companies, luxury companies, restaurants, hotels).