Why to buy valuable branded items and not to make your brand valuable?

As an editor, I believe that for those who do business it’s extremely important to have a feature which identifies their company.

With elledibrand we want to offer the possibility to bring the client company brand to the level of the best known competitors.

We usually associate the classic business products (diaries, notebooks, business cards and Ipad holders…) to something standard, pre-packaged and often already seen on the market. Elledibrand wants to introduce novelty and exclusivity into a line of products that stands out from the ordinary for the originality and the high quality of the materials and of manpower employed.

We propose in fact entirely hand-made objects that recall the Tuscan tradition of fine leather handcraft.
A wide range of colours and silk-screen printing allows the customer request to be customized and made unique, guaranteeing standards of elegance and refinement that are not common on the market.

For all those who want to get out of anonymity and aim at leaving a mark not only for what they do but also for how they present their products.




Lucia De Benedittis


elledibr#nd, elledibook edition’s brand

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