“La Nazione” and ” Il Tirreno “offer an anticipation of what will be broadcast on Monday 22 July at 9pm on 50Channel in the last episode of the 2018/19 season of” La Pisaniana “. Among the guests also elledibook with its latest Editorial Project.    

50canale: “Services for the companies”

Presentation ConfcommercioProfessioniThe necessary and desirable contamination of free professions.The publishing house intended as a professional network capable of generating opportunities for the enhancement of all those professional qualities necessary to the publisher for the realization of a good publishing project.

Premio Donna Impresa 2018

The nine top managers:“A young  promise is Lucia De Benedittis, owner of the publishing house  which operates in children’s publishing. Elledibook has been able to distinguish itself for artistic and literary originality, for its refined graphic appearance and the quality of images and texts”.

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